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I am a committed multimedia content producer and have been involved in the advertising triangle for over 18 years. For the past decade, I have been a specialist in social media and influencer marketing, moreover, I have been creating commercial payable content for clients (production content projects).

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I'm a car enthusiast. And been cultivating this passion since childhood. That is why I have such a passion for reviewing and presenting them. I try to do this differently from the usual video creators, through buying and ownership experiences. I am extremely fond of telling stories about special cars and their owners.


As the executive editor of City Magazine, Slovenia's largest freesheet magazine, I am extremely well informed about the happenings in the city. I like to see myself as a member of the urban tribe, a hedonist who particularly enjoys discovering new spots in the city, good services, and culinary specialties. I like to travel and learn about new cultures. And if it succeeds, I document it in interesting travel videos. 


Technology is also a huge passion of mine that I have since I was young. I am fond of it because it gives humanity a glimpse into the future. I could describe myself as somebody who dreams of the future, a futurist. I often visit international technology product launches and technology fairs. I focus on topics that touch on the most common questions of technology users. Technology is slowly but surely becoming the most important part of my video creation.



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My guiding principle is that I only sponsor brands that I absolutely believe in and use in my daily life. That is also why I present these brands with complete enthusiasm and without hesitation, transparently and without hiding any collaborations. This way the content seems much more authentic and is more successful at the same time.


My collaborations and sponsorships that I am extremely proud of:
Ford, Mastercard, Fjällräven, Fujifilm, Energy Sistem, Huawei, HBO, ... 

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I have a small production team, and I do most of the filming and video editing on my own. Don't hesitate. Get in touch with us!

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